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5 Benefits Of Bathroom Renovation and Remodeling

Long gone are the days when the bathroom is just a utilitarian space.

In the modern era, the bathroom is now one of the best sanctuaries you can go to for some relaxation and de-stressing.

Thus, more Aussie homeowners are looking for Canberra bathroom renovation services, to transform their bathrooms into a bright, clean and spa-like space where they can unwind after a long tiring day. If this does not sound like your bathroom, then maybe it is high time for a makeover.

But, why?

  1. More Functional, More Pleasing

Probably one of the biggest pros of bathroom renovation and remodeling is the outcome once the project has been completed.

Bathroom renovations increase the overall look and aesthetics of the space and have a strong impact on its functioning.

Furthermore, it will look updated and function in a way that suits the modern Aussie lifestyle. And although looks are not everything, a newly renovated bathroom can surely make you enjoy your home even more.

  1. Saves More

Most homeowners think that hiring a Canberra bathroom renovation company is a costly ordeal.


But, for the long-term, you are actually saving more.

By simply replacing leaky faucets, installing water-saving showerheads and faucets, low-flush toilets as well as changing the bathroom lighting to energy-efficient ones, you get to cut down the cost on your electricity and water bills.

  1. Home Value Boost

Another major benefit of a bathroom remodel that negates the initial renovation cost is the boost in your home’s resale value.

In fact, when selling a house, most buyers will immediately look at the kitchen and bathroom first.

And even if you are not planning to sell it anytime soon, it still pays to know that the work done in your bathroom increases the overall appearance and function, which in turn boosts the value, of your home.

  1. Less Clutter

This is probably the less though benefit of a bathroom renovation. With a bathroom remodeling, you can update or even add cabinets for extra storage.

In this modern world, where bathrooms get bigger, homeowners are choosing to request for extra storage in order to declutter their homes. As a matter of fact, some homeowners prefer having the washer and dryer inside the bathroom as well as having clean and dry cabinets to store towels, linens and other toiletries to reduce clutter from other areas in the house.

  1. Cleanliness and Health

There is a psychological impact of having a newly renovated bathroom.

With old, outdated bathrooms, most homeowners are not that keen to clean the space. But, with a newly remodeled bathroom with all those shiny, new pieces, they are more motivated to keep it that way.

Additionally, old fixtures and other ancient components on your bathroom may accumulate and hide things that can impact your overall health.

For instance, rusty pipes can carry stuff to your bath, sink or shower that you probably don’t want touching your skin. Bacteria, pathogens and germs, especially molds and mildew can accumulate, even if you do regular bathroom cleaning, causing allergies and other illnesses.

With a complete renovation or a simple bathroom fixture upgrades, these things can be avoided and you get to have better overall health.

Breathe new life into your bathroom. If you are looking for Canberra bathroom renovation services, check out thebathroomco.com.au.

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