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Electric gates—a way to security and elegance

Picture yourself coming back home on a rainy day (quite common in the UK!). It would be very inconvenient to get off the car and get wet in order to open the gates of your house, wouldn’t it? Electric gates offer a great solution for these scenarios since they can be opened and closed remotely, thanks to one or several electric motors that activate the gates’ mechanism. This solution is suitable for both domestic and commercial settings. You may wonder, however, if it is actually safe to have these gates at home.

Why should safety concerns be discussed?

A couple of tragic incidents in which children lost their lives in accidents involving sliding gates justify the concern about the safety of electric gates in the UK. That’s why all installations should be compliant with the European regulations governing the use and operation of electric gates. The company or technician that performs the installation is responsible for the compliance with the norms.

The installers are responsible for the assessment of the risks resulting from the operation of the gates, and they have to inform the customer about all their findings. For example, the manufacturers of the electric gates Midlands has to offer always do that.

Protection devices should be offered when needed. In addition, a detailed maintenance plan has to be given to the client. The installers perform all the tests that the regulations require. Moreover, all the electrical components used in the installation must be labelled with the European CE mark. The installer has to verify that this is the case.

They are not only safe but also beautiful

As you may imagine, different designs for these gates are available in the market. Which design is more suitable for domestic properties? Well, the design that is most commonly used is swing gates, but these are not the only option available. In the UK, for instance, several companies offer the installation of domestic driveway gates. The electric gates Northampton has today can be wrought iron or wooden, depending on the client’s preference. The installer goes to the installation site to take measurements. You can be certain that the electric gates are made to fit exactly the setting.

All the customers’ specific requirements are generally satisfied. The electric gates companies can offer some design alternatives to their clients, but the possibility of providing one’s own design is available.

In the case of wrought iron driveway gates, these are fabricated in-house by dedicated craftsmen with many years of experience. In order to protect the gates from rust, they are finished by hot dip galvanizing. This procedure finishes the gates to the highest standards, and guarantees maintenance free for many years. Finally, the gates are powder-coated; the colour is chosen by the client.


Electric gates for commercial premises are more varied and many choices are available. The commercial gates Leicester can offer also include security gates that can be either sliding or swing gates. These gates are of a significant height to prevent the access of intruders to the premises. Barriers, bollards, railings, and fencing are generally installed as complements to the gates. For more information, visit their website at: http://www.magtecelectricgates.co.uk/

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