Tips you probably need if your kids love Pikmi Pops

Does your kids love to buy and collect Pikmi Pops? You know, those cute little plush toys and lollipops in bags.

Pikmi Pops

Probably, you think that there’s nothing wrong with them liking it. Although you’re right, you still need to put them in control, don’t you?

Simply put, you want to support them with their love for such blind bag toys, while teaching them about responsibility. Read on and gather some tips you will be happy to know.

What to remember if your kids love collecting Pikmi Pops?

Whether your kids want to collect all the toys in the series or only particular pieces they want, you should read these tips to help you support your kids along the way. These are beneficial for you as a parent.

Set some rules

First things first. Set some rules for your kids to follow. For example, set a budget you can spend on a month for Pikmi Pops, so they will be more responsible in spending for it. This will help you avoid the accumulation of expenses in your household.

Of course, remember to follow your own rules too. Prepare yourself for those sparkly pleading eyes, so you won’t be carried away easily.

Consider buying second-hand toys

Although opening a brand new blind bag of Pikmi Pops gives the thrills for your children, you can consider buying pre-owned toys as an option. That can help you select the specific characters that your children want or have a complete collection in just a few purchases.

This will also spare you from paying for lots of bags that contain the same toys. It could even make your children the happiest as well.

Buy in bulk

Another good consideration is to buy in bulk, so you can have a cheaper purchase. However, remember to buy from reliable sources, like, so you can have authentic toys.

Upon receiving your order, you can even keep them and then give one at a time to your children to add an element of surprise.

Help your children take care of their toys

Taking responsibility over their possessions is one of the best values your children can learn from toys. Thus, help them practice it using toys from Pikmi Pops.

You can start by providing a box where they could keep the toys. Also, remind them to be careful in playing, so they wouldn’t damage their stuff.

Prepare for frustrations

When you buy Pikmi Pops, there’s only a slim chance for your kids to get the toys they want. This is because regular toys are sold in larger quantities than rare stuff.

Needless to say, that would make them feel frustrated after opening a bag. In addition, this could push them to ask you to buy another one instantly.

Thus, you should prepare yourself in cheering up your children. This could even be a good chance in teaching them about failure and hoping for a better chance next time.

Remember these tips, so you can support your children in their little hobbies. As you can see, these tips could help you a lot as a parent as well.

You just have to visit for your orders now. You can also look for some other toys, like a Barbie house or Lego.