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Pet resort or a pet sitter: which is better for your pet when you are out on a trip?

You cannot always bring your pets along when you are on a vacation or on a business trip. You have no choice but to entrust your cat or dog to someone’s care. Leaving your pets behind is now easier because of people offering pet sitting services or pet resorts such as

Acacia Ridge Pet Resort offers comfortable accommodations for cats and dogs. Pet parents can also spoil and pamper their pets by choosing a luxurious suite. Aside from food and lodging, they also offer playtime and grooming sessions for both cats and dogs.

Pet boarding or pet sitting?

As a pet parent, part of your travel plans includes where your pet will stay. Will your pet be at home with a pet sitter, or will they stay in a trusted pet resort?

Pet boarding

Opting for a pet boarding means bringing your pet to a facility overnight or longer. These facilities include pet resorts, pet hotels, boarding kennels, and even veterinary facilities. Here are some advantages of bringing your pet to a resort or a boarding facility:

1. Allows socialization for your pet

Your cat and dog will be meeting other animals and humans in the facility. This allows your pet to practice its socialization skills. Pet resorts, such as Acacia Ridge Pet Resort, offers playtime that encourages socializing.

2. Encourages your pet to stay active

Pet boarding facilities ensure that your cat or dog has a daily dose of physical activities. Your pet will be exposed outdoors for exercise and to socialize with other animals. has a scheduled playtime for its guests. This allows your pet to play with other animals and stay active.

3. Professional caretakers

Caretakers at a pet boarding resort or hotel are trained to handle different kinds of cat or dog breeds.

These caretakers will give your pet the right nutritious foods for your pet. They can also administer medication if your cat or dog needs one.

4. No strangers into your home

It is hard to entrust not only your pet to a stranger but also your property. Strangers can invade your privacy and can be a threat to your property’s security.

Pet Sitting

Getting a pet sitter can mean tapping your family or a neighbour to watch over your pet while you are away. You can also have the option to hire a professional pet sitter. Here are the advantages of hiring a pet sitter:

1. Cheaper

You will already be providing for your pet’s food and lodging. These are all available in your house, so you will only be paying for is the sitter’s services.

2. Less stressful

There are animals who can cope up better with separation anxiety when they are at home. Cats, in general, would rather be in a familiar environment when their pet parents are away.

3. Someone to watch over your house

A pet sitter who stays overnight can take good care of your house while you are gone. A trusted pet sitter can also guard your house while you are on your trip.

So whether you decide to have a pet sitter or bring your pet to a boarding facility, both options allow you to travel and leave your pet behind.

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